Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Glitch Decapitates Player Permanently

Headless Horseman is now Ghost from Call of Duty.

Image via Activision

With Call of Duty: Warzone 2 being one of the most popular games in the FPS genre, you’re bound to see some absolutely bizarre bugs that its community will stumble across from time to time. No game is immune to this, after all.

A player recently discovered a glitch while playing Warzone 2 that is both hilarious and horrifying. This isn’t the first time Call of Duty has had some unique glitches, like the disappearing backpacks. There are often many bugs and other issues that pop up in games when first released or updated, so it isn’t surprising, but this glitch that completely decapitates a player is something else.

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Ghost Is Headless In Warzone 2

On a Reddit post from happycap77 in the CODWarzone subreddit, the video shows a glitch they discovered where Ghost is completely headless. The player called the post “Ghost unmasked.” As the character spun around in the video, viewers can clearly see that Ghost is missing his head, with no trace of it anywhere.

Fellow players commented on the subreddit with some pretty funny reactions like, “Good luck trying to headshot my boy here.” Continuing to read the comments on the video, players make remarks about how people hate this trick as it will hinder snipers from hitting their opponents. While this wasn’t confirmed, it makes logical sense considering the glitch.

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Having Ghost look like the Headless Horsemen is a cool bug, even though it is just a glitch that some players have been able to achieve. We don’t have any further information on if and when this issue might be patched in Call of Duty Warzone. But hopefully, the team behind Warzone have their heads screwed on tight and can iron out this bug soon.