Capcom will celebrate Monster Hunter’s anniversary with three special livestreams in March

Rise to the occasion.

Capcom will celebrate Monster Hunter's anniversary with three special livestreams in March

Image via Nintendo

Capcom has announced it will celebrate Monster Hunter’s anniversary with three livestreams next month.

The developer took to Twitter to reveal its plans for the franchise’s 17th birthday, which arrives on March 11. To commemorate the event, and Monster Hunter Rise’s upcoming release, Capcom lifted the lid on what fans can expect to see across the trio of livestreams early next month.

For eager Monster Hunter Rise fans, the most intriguing livestream will take place on March 9. Kicking off at 6am PT (9am ET and 2pm GMT), Capcom will reveal new Monster Hunter Rise gameplay, expand on the title’s hunting mechanic via a tutorial, and close out with a Q&A sessions with the game’s director Yasunori Ichinose.

A Monster Hunter digital event is set to take place on March 8 and, judging by the tweet’s accompanying Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin logo, that will divulge more information when the RPG may launch. Currently, Monster Hunter Stories 2 is only set for a Q3 2021 release, so Capcom may provide more details on when it will be gamers’ hands.

Finally, a Monster Hunter community stream (time TBA) will be livestreamed on Monster Hunter’s birthday. Capcom is keeping details close to its chest on this event, but there may be more surprise announcements on the way or prizes for fans to win.

Monster Hunter Rise will launch exclusively on Nintendo Switch on March 26, so this will be the last glimpse that fans will get of the game before its release.