Catalyst’s abilities in Apex Legends are the perfect answer against the scanning meta

Seer’s reign of terror may be coming to an end.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has teased upcoming Legend Catalyst’s moveset through various trailers over the last week, and now there are full explanations for what her abilities can do. Contrary to March’s massive Apex leak, the game’s first trans woman Legend is confirmed to use a backpack full of ferrofluid liquid to primarily slow the pursuit of enemy teams. Most importantly, she may soon make a few overpowered characters obsolete.

A new character trailer for Season 15: Eclipse has showcased each of Catalyst’s abilities, and she won’t be just any ordinary defensive Legend. For one, her Barricade Passive ability lets players have access to an additional button prompt that rebuilds and reinforces doors. The ferrofluid placed onto these structures is said to ultimately make them twice as difficult to open and break for opponents. Meanwhile, Catalyst is armed with Piercing Spikes, a Tactical move that sees the Legend drop a black, gooey trap that slows and damages anyone who makes contact with it.

The footage even drops the curtain on Catalyst’s Ultimate, Dark Veil. The ability takes the form of a permeable liquid wall that slows and blinds opponents for a few seconds. However, these are just a couple of its outstanding benefits. The structure is guaranteed to remain on the battlefield for 30 seconds and will block any enemy’s scanning ability that is activated on the opposite site. This means dominant Legends Seer and Bloodhound have finally met their match, as players have been left vulnerable to their tracking powers for seasons on end.

via Apex Legends’ YouTube

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Catalyst will be one of many significant additions in Season 15: Eclipse. The content drop is also slated to debut Broken Moon, a new Battle Royale map with 14 points of interest and two dramatically different biomes. The location’s reveal trailer has even hinted at an upcoming Battle Pass with colorful, new skins for Catalyst, Ash, Loba, and Seer. Players can anticipate more of its cosmetics to be dispelled shortly before Season 15 launches on November 1 for all supported platforms.