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Check out some fun stats in the Sea of Thieves version of Spotify Wrapped

SOT-ify Wrapped.

For many people, the end of the year is a chance to look back on the previous twelve months and take stock of what they’ve done and what sort of person they’ve become. Yearly round-ups of various statistics have become a commonplace marker of this kind of thing, with Spotify Wrapped proving one of the most popular examples. Now, Sea of Thieves looks to be showing off its own spin on the idea.

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Swashbuckling pirate sim Sea of Thieves recently kicked off its eighth season, but it’s nevertheless celebrating the festive period by giving its players an opportunity to gaze back on their storied in-game lives. The 2022 “Story So Far” function is now up on the Sea of Thieves website, and scurvy seadogs can feast their eyes on dozens of in-game statistics and metrics that show off how far they’ve come. From simple ones like the number of hours spent playing in 2022 and how many quests you’ve completed to captaincy-specific challenges and whether or not you’ve become a Pirate Legend, Story So Far will let players reminisce over the good times and the bad.

The wrap-up also charts your reputation with the various factions, including the recently added Guardians of Fortune and Servants of the Flame, so you can check out who’s in your good books and who needs their palms greased a little more in the future. Whether you’re an expert marksman on a cannon, love to play shanties on your hurdy-gurdy, or simply like to get your recipes cooked just right, there’s something here for everyone. And who knows, maybe it’ll give you some inspiration for how you want to play Sea of Thieves in the new year. Perhaps it’s worth staying off the grog for a hot minute — that “Lifetime Times Vomited” stat isn’t looking too healthy.

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