Chicago’s Pokémon GO Fest 2019 is being evacuated due to storm warnings


Fans who have gathered in Chicago to attend Chicago GO Fest 2019 are being asked to find shelter as a severe storm warning rolls into the area.

Players who just wanted to play some Pokémon GO and catch Pokémon with friends will now have to wait out the storm if they want to walk around and play the game.

Niantic has already announced that they will be extending the event because of this issue, likely meaning they will also extend the in-game events happening worldwide at the same time so that players can have the most time to enjoy the event content. They have also noted that as soon as Chicago city officials deem things to be safe, the event will be reopened, but due to the growing severity of the storms, that is unlikely to happen today.

This extension will make it up for some in attendance and give more people around the world time to enjoy the events in-game, but for others who took the time out of their schedule and paid for a trip out to Chicago for the event, this could mean they lose out on some of the fun. More details will be coming in the following hours as things develop.

Please stay safe trainers!

Update: Niantic and Chicago city officials are working to prepare the event to reopen at 3:30 pm CT. Players should still watch the weather just in case something like this happens again during the remainder of the event’s duration.