Electro Dragon is the newest card coming to Clash Royale


The newest card coming to Clash Royale has been revealed—and it’s set to introduce a brand-new mechanic to the popular mobile game.

Electro Dragon will join Clash Royale in just over two weeks, Supercell revealed in its latest episode of TV Royale. Electro Dragon is a five-elixir Epic card that can be unlocked in Arena 11, Electro Valley.

Image via [Supercell]

The card’s description says that this dragon “spits out bolts of electricity hitting up to three targets.” This new mechanic will allow players to shock multiple enemy units with electric blasts.

As seen in the gameplay teaser, Electro Dragon can work well if your opponent sends out a tank with a few weak troops behind it—this dragon’s electric attack will hit the tank and bounce off to the other targets, dealing damage to all of them. It also should be another good counter to cards that struggle with electricity, such as Sparky and Inferno Tower.

But Electro Dragon might have a tough time against cards that send out more than three troops, such as Minion Horde or Goblin Gang. Minion Horde looks like it’ll be the main counter for Electro Dragon, while Goblin Gang or even Skeleton Army could be used as distractions to preoccupy this new card.

Clash Royale fans are excited to have another new card coming to the game, and it’s great to see Supercell continue to innovate and introduce unique gameplay mechanics.