CoD Mobile Adds Limited Time Event Free-for-All Mode From October 11 to 17


CoD Mobile hit the world by storm with some surprisingly impressive numbers during the game’s initial week of launching. The game has received over 100 million downloads during this time, giving it a steady amount of pride, especially before the next official CoD release on Oct. 25. While the game only comes with a handful of modes at this time, Tencent Games is kicking it up a notch with a new mode.

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For a limited time, players are going to have the chance to jump into a Free-for-All match system from Oct. 11 to 17. The game mode is going to pit players against everyone they encounter on the maps. There’s not going to be too much room for error, so if you’re more interested in playing with teammates, this mode may not suit your playstyle.

Regardless, it’s going to feature over eight different maps from the mobile game’s line-up. We have them listed right here for you below.

  • Crash
  • Crossfire
  • Firing Range
  • Hijacked
  • Killhouse
  • Nuketown 2
  • Raid
  • Standoff

Based on how players respond to this mode, we could see Tencent Games deciding what new modes to introduce to the game. It’s not unlikely we might get more specific game modes coming in the future. They may not last forever, but they’re going to show up eventually, and players might enjoy the perpetual rotation. This model may work better than having access to everything at a single point in time.

We’re going to need to learn more from CoD Mobile‘s success following how players react. Given they only have a single week to jump in on the action, players are going to want to get in on the fun as soon as possible.

You can play CoD Mobile right now for free. The Free-for-All mode starts today, Oct. 11, and is going to end on Oct. 17. Stay tuned to learn more details about any upcoming events and or new modes to play in the game.