CoD Modern Warfare 3 Drops Intel On Upcoming Challenges & Diverse Range of Weapon Camos

Ahead of the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer and zombies launch, the developers share how challenges work and the many weapon camos.

We’re days away from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s highly-anticipated multiplayer and zombies launch, which will be happening on November 10, 2023. Before we arrive, the Modern Warfare 3 developers have unloaded a mountain of details surrounding the upcoming challenges and weapon camos players can unlock.

Although the challenges had already been shared, and the Modern Warfare 3 community has a decent idea of what to expect, the impending camos is a massive information dump. The intel drop should provide glee for players eager to earn every upcoming weapon camo that Modern Warfare 3 has to offer, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed given the sheer number of them set to release.

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Modern Warfare 3’s Shares Ridiculous Weapon Camo Count

The latest Modern Warfare 3 post breaks down the upcoming daily and milestone challenges players can expect to encounter as they play. The daily challenges will be available every day, but the milestone ones will be much more significant and can be completed over the lifetime a player gradually works as they play Modern Warfare 3. However, the big news was the massive pile of upcoming weapon skins and camos players can earn.

First off, all the legacy weapons of Modern Warfare 2 legacy weapons should carry over to Modern Warfare 3. They shouldn’t lose any progress, including the many challenges, weapon masteries, and already-earned camos. The legacy weapons should also have additional weapon camos for players to unlock, giving a chance for a fresh appearance to a previous weapon.

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However, unlike Modern Warfare 2, the camo challenges in Modern Warfare 3 will vary between the games. This should offer a unique challenge whenever a player wants to unlock a particular appearance for their favorite weapon, making it much more specialized when it comes down to that specific weapon category, rather than a one-size-fits-all-weapons approach.

How many camos are making their way to Modern Warfare 3? According to the post, a massive 834 base skins for all Modern Warfare 2 and 3 weapons. Once a player has unlocked all the base camos for a weapon, they can begin to work on the weapon’s Completionist Camos, and there are 912 of them across all Modern Warfare 2 and 3 weapons. These account for all multiplayer and Modern Warfare Warzone ones, which are rough estimations.

It’s a gigantic amount of content for Modern Warfare 3 players, but it should give them plenty of goals to work towards across the multiplayer, zombies, and warzone playlists throughout the many seasons. More are likely coming as additional weapons are introduced to Modern Warfare 3, but this might be where the developers put a lot of their time rather than devoting resources to the game’s campaign.