How to Unlock the JAK Purifier in MW3

The Jak Purifier underbarrel flamethrower is coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and this guide shows you how to unlock it.

How to unlock the Jak Purifier in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Image via Activision

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Aftermarket parts are a unique way to enhance your weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. How you unlock them will vary, such as the JAK Purifier in MW3, an underbarrel flamethrower that you can add to a select few weapons.

The JAK Purifier is the perfect weapon to add to your arsenal for anyone who wants to deal an extra set of damage to foes using a flamethrower. Compared to the other aftermarket weapons, how you get one might be a little confusing. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock the JAK Purifier in MW3.

How to Unlock the Underbarrel Flamethrower in MW3

How to unlock and get the Jak Purifier in MW3
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The JAK Purifier, an underbarrel flamethrower, is an Aftermarket Part you can unlock through the Season 1 Battle Pass in MW3. You will need to reach a certain point in the battle pass, and then the JAK Purifier will unlock.

You will need to reach a certain part of MW3’s Season 1 Battle Pass. Hopefully, you don’t run into the Niamey Logan error, a common one at the start of Season 1. You will need to reach region A14. The major reward for reaching this sector and unlocking the rewards will be the JAK purifier, and you’ll be able to use it in your loadouts moving forward in MW3.

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Every MW3 player must reach this point, which means playing through the game. You can reach this by playing any of your preferred game modes for MW3. For me, it will be Zombies, but you can also play through Warzone or MW3’s multiplayer matches, competing against other players for this devastating flamethrower to become yours.

My best recommendation to run through the content to unlock the underbarrel flamethrower is to focus on challenges. Any daily or weekly challenge you can focus on will be the best way to soar with XP in MW3.

All Weapons That Use the JAK Purifier in MW3

Weapon that works with JAK Purifier
Image via Activision

The JAK Purifier does not work on every weapon. It’s only capable of a handful of weapons, which means you’ll need to figure out your gun to use with it. The weapons that work with the JAK Purifier in MW3 are going to be the MCW, MTZ-556, Holger 556, DG-56, SVA 545, RAM-7, MTZ-762, BGAS-B, Sidewinder, and Riveter.

Players of the previous Modern Warfare guns won’t be able to equip the JAK Purifier, necessitating reliance on current shotgun attachments as a backup option. Additional JAK aftermarket components are set to debut during Modern Warfare 3’s initial season, with unlock options likely through Weekly Challenges or Armory Unlocks. Examples include a twin-barrel attachment for the AMR-9 and a rifle conversion kit for the Tyr revolver.

You’ll have a handful of options if you have a favorite weapon that can work with the JAK Purifier in MW3. For an Aftermarket Part, it should be a unique one to use in your arsenal, and I think this can be a standout for MW3 players.