Call of Duty: MW3 Season 2 Patch Notes Breakdown: Maps, Modes & More Zombies

Call of Duty: MW3 is finally here and the patch notes outline everything players can expect to see moving forward.

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Image via Activision Blizzard

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Now that Call of Duty: MW3 Season 2 is on our doorstep, Activision Blizzard has released the full patch notes to show players what they can expect. This season will add so much more for the community to engage with, from new challenges and weapons to zombies.

While there hasn’t been a dull moment in Call of Duty: MW3 since it was initially released, Season 2 changes the game significantly. It adds a lot of new content for players to steamroll through in every mode, including Battle Royale, Multiplayer, Zombies Mode, and everything in between that has a challenge or some other small element to it.

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Call of Duty: MW3 Season 2 Patch Notes Breakdown

Below, we’ve outlined everything we believe is important from the full patch notes for Call of Duty: MW3 Season 2. Using our insight as players, we’ve also highlighted several sections and facts players will care about that aren’t showcased as well in the original document.

New Maps

ghost with fire in call of duty mw3 and warzone season 2
Image via Activision Blizzard

Four maps join the roster for 6v6 matches, three of which are completely original. Stash House is the first and will be available on the day Call of Duty: MW3 Season 2 goes live in a dedicated playlist. The other two brand new maps are Vista and Departures, while Das Haus is a returning map from Call of Duty Vanguard. Das Haus may be an older map, but it’s been reworked ever so slightly for MW3.

Operation Tin Man is a new map added to War Mode. Players will skydive into the map for an objective-based mission with others through a multi-level construction site.

New Game Modes

Call of Duty: MW3 Season 2 adds five new game modes over the course of the entire season. In Hordepoint, players must capture an objective and hold it against waves of zombies as they attempt to swarm and overwhelm them. The first team to hit the score limit will win the match.

In Team Gun Game, players work through weapons as a team until they hit the score limit and win. While in Snipers Only, as players can probably work out, the battle must be won using only high-powered sniper rifles. We’re really looking forward to when this one drops later in the season.

Juggermosh is another mode dropping later in Season 2, pushing players to win matches of Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint, and Domination with Juggernaut on. Finally, there’s Bounty, another mode that’ll arrive later in the season, in which players must hunt down the constantly changing target enemy.

New Weapons

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Image via Activision Blizzard

At the start of Call of Duty: MW3 Season 2, players will be able to get hold of both the BP50 Assault Rifle and RAM-9 Submachine Gun. Both of these add agility to a player’s loadout and make running and gunning a much easier option.

Later in Season 2, players will be given the option to acquire the SOA Subverter Battle Rifle and Soulrender melee weapon. Each one is specialized for its specific purpose and will ascend a player’s skill at long or close range. We can’t wait to get our hands on Souldrender.

New Aftermarket Parts

A new set of Aftermarket Parts are coming to the game for players to explore. There are seven in total, one for each of the following weapons: Holger 26, Longbow, Holger 556, an underbarreled chainsaw for multiple weapons, the BAS-B, and a new optical attachment for almost every weapon in the game.

A New Perk

How to unlock the Gold Dog Collar in MW3 Zombies
Image via Activision

Ninja Vest is the new Perk coming to Call of Duty: MW3 with Season 2. It’s exciting because it reduces the sound a player makes and makes them a silenced specialist, something we’re always trying to perfect. This Perk can be used and abused in Multiplayer Modes.

New Operators & Events

Every new Call of Duty season has new Operators and Events, and this one is no exception. Players can expect something to keep them busy and divert from their regular gameplay routine every few weeks. While on the Operator front, the two players care about are Rick Grimes and Michonne, though the latter is only available as an in-game purchase. More will be added as the season progresses.

Gameplay Updates

Santa has lost the plot in Warzone's Slay Ride Resurgence.
Image via Activision.

There are a plethora of minute gameplay updates in Season 2, most of which players will benefit from but don’t need to know the details of. The biggest is ADS idle sway, the amount a weapon moves while players aim down sights. This has been changed to hae a slight delay so players aren’t immediately hit by it and can get off crucial shots when they need to.

This will mostly impact the hardcore multiplayer community more than anyone else. For example, we mostly play Zombies Mode and therefore don’t spend too much time aiming down sights. In the hardest ranked matches, this will make games far tighter and more dramatic.

Weapon hipfire has been changes to it’s aligned exactly with the crosshair. This wasn’t the case previously and caused some issues for payers spraying and praying. We fire this way a a lot and have had success in the past, but now we’ll be on another level.

Finally, every element of Call of Duty: MW3 has had a bug fix applied to it. Players have found every possible edge case there is and provided feedback on all of it, be it a weapon, a special place in a map, or the way a weapon works at a certain level of progression. while the fixes aen’t comprehensive and don’t mean the game is now perfect, they’re a great start.

Ranked Play

Image via Activision Blizzard

Ranked play is continuing through Season 2 with only a few changes to make it more engaging for those good enough to compete in it. For example, there will now be certain content restrictions on matches regarding weapons based on the map and who is playing in those rounds.

Skill Rating and Divisions have also been tweaked, though we suspect this will be changed again in Season 3. The biggest point to note is that anyone ending Season 1 in a certain rank will retain the grade but drop down a rank, so from Gold III to Silver III, at th start of a new season.

Zombies Mode

Screenshot by Gamepur

Last but not least for Call of Duty: MW3‘s Season 2 Patch Notes is Zombies Mode. Most of the aspects of this mode, such as hunting Harvester Orbs and completing objectives, remain the same. There have been some fixes and tweaks to Wonder Weapons and ammo drop rates, but the experience is largely that of Season 1.

The key addition to Zombies Mode in Season 2 is a brand new story mission to work through and a Dark Aether Rift. The new story mission will consist of objectives as te previous ones have, but the Dark Aether Rift is the most challenging part of the mode yet. Players will assault the best-defended Stronghold they’ve ever seen in an effort to take down a new boss enemy.

That’s everything being added to Call of Duty: MW3 Season 2 as of February 7, 2024, and up to the game’s mid-season update. As is the case with all Call of Duty games, there will be a mid-season update that will see even more new content added to the game alongside more events for players to participate in.