Coral Island’s Post-Marriage Dialogue Keeps Forcing Players Into Polyamory

Seems like you’ll be meeting more than just “the one” in Coral Island, whether you like it or not.

Coral Island date multiple candidates

Image by Gamepur

Coral Island offers a buffet of 25 romanceable characters to date, but it seems not even the game’s programming can keep track of the romance options.

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Coral Island has wholly hijacked the lives of cozy gamers like me, thanks to its addictive diving system, adorable giant crops, and a lineup of incredibly attractive characters up for grabs. During the game’s Early Access and pre-release press, they were all advertised to death through a popularity contest. But now, players are hitting a wall with Coral Island’s post-marriage chats. Spouses are getting confused and acting like strangers, turning this into a polyamory nightmare instead of the intended romantic heaven — it’s a total unscripted mess.

Coral Island Won’t Let You Date Multiple Candidates, but its Misprogrammed Post-Marriage Dialogue Will

Though Coral Island released its full 1.0 version last week, players have run into a fair share of bugs, especially in the late game. Reddit user branmkerby had Pablo, one of the romanceable NPCs, toast to their marriage at Fishensips, the local bar. It was a romantic move, or at least it would have been if they were actually married. 

This player is actually married to someone else entirely but had been flirty enough with Pablo pre-marriage to confuse Coral Island’s programming.

This is not the only issue players have run into with post-marriage dialogue. Being polyamorous by accident is funny enough, but nothing beats your spouse acting like she doesn’t know you. LiamLVB set on a quest to marry Alice, a girl whose only flaw is that she doesn’t like pizza, only to wake up to a “Congrats on your marriage!” dialogue line one morning.

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As for me, I’ve been throwing flowers at Rafael for 4 seasons, nabbed 6 hearts, yet zero romance scenes. I did, however, get one for Pablo, too. Is Coral Island dooming us all to date this hot Spanish man? Regardless of the circumstances, let’s hope Stairway Games can swiftly roll out a hotfix to remedy this spouse polyamory-dementia chaos.