God of War (PS4) Creative Director Explains Why It’s Not A Reboot

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For quite a bit of time, being so different from the previous entries, people thought God of War 2018 was going to be a complete reboot of the series rather than a simple change of setting and attitude.

During a recent interview with PlayStation LifeStyle, Cory Barlog, creative director, mentioned the reasons why that didn’t make sense to him while choosing what was important to keep from the original games.

God of War - Why Cory Barlog Didn't Go For Reboot

“It’s like the first games serve as the backstory, right? And it’s like people say, ‘Oh, why didn’t you start over and bring a new character?’ And I was like, but it’s like a decade of character development. You can’t. Why would you ever throw that away? Like why wouldn’t you want to see what it’s like,” he said.

That’s quite interesting because there’s a probability, at this point, that we might be going to meet references, situations and maybe even characters from the past of the bloody Kratos. Yes, I’m thinking of Atreus’ mother now.

On top of that, Barlog also discussed how the combat system is set to be working, and how different it’ll play in comparison with the frantic system in place with the older titles in the franchise:

“The pace is a little bit slower, but still in the heat of the moment, God of War was felt in those combat experiences. I think that’s hard to do, but I hope we’ve achieved it.”

That’s something we’ve already seen showcased in the last few gameplay trailers, and something I’m definitely ok with. Also, don’t forget GoW is going to take around 30-35 hours to complete, so that’s quite obvious now.

God of War is releasing April 20 for PS4.

Source: PSLS