Days Gone Free DLC To Add New “Survival Difficulty Mode”, Releasing In June 2019

Days Gone arrives for the PlayStation 4 later this week on April 26, and eager fans can already expect to have plenty of support for the game after launch. The developers, Bend Studio, have announced their first DLC heading to the game to arrive sometime in June, and it’ll be free for everyone, as long as they have an internet connection.

The DLC is going to add difficulty level to the Days Gone campaign called Survival Mode. In Survival Mode players are forced to rely on their skills in the game to endure the gameplay, and they will have limited access to quality of life options, such as fast travel, HUD, or survival vision that helps them view the world while they’re playing to notice small details.

In survival mode, the developers want players to feel as immersed in the world as possible, removing any luxury they’d usually receive in a video game. The more authentic it feels, the more they hope players get from exploring Days Gone.

There are already three difficulty modes, Easy, Medium, and Hard, available at launch.

Also, at the beginning of June, there’s going to be a new series of challenges revolving around combat, the horde, and the bike, for players to complete. By completing these challenges, players unlock new cosmetic items to use in their game.

You can pre-order Days Gone for the PlayStation 4 right now to make sure you have it ready for later this week on April 26.