Dead By Daylight Photobomber Manages To Sneak Into Every Ghostface Mori

One Dead by Daylight player has shared their Killer experience as The Ghostface as one Survivor photobombed all of their Moris.

ghostface with camera dead by daylight

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Each Dead by Daylight Killer has its own set of gruesome Moris they can pull out in a Trial to brutally murder a Survivor and scare the others they’re still hunting. One of the best is Ghostface’s because of the way it calls back to the original Scream movies.

Usually, Survivors would stay away from a Killer performing a Mori because it gives them a chance to put some distance between themselves and their hunter. Today, though, one player has shared an experience that’s the polar opposite.

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Yui Player Manages to Jump Into Every Ghostface Mori in a Dead by Daylight Trial

The Ghostface Mori sees the player jump into a short animation where they murder the downed Survivor and take a selfie with them. Today on the Dead by Daylight Subreddit, one player shared a clip of their gameplay where one Survivor, a Yui, managed to find them every time they triggered a Mori and get into the selfie The Ghostface takes.

The community absolutely loves the video, and it makes them yearn for a new feature in the game. “Things like this are why I think Ghostface’s selfies should autosave to the screenshots folder.” If those screenshots did save, there would likely be a lot more The Ghostface mains.

There are two really impressive things about this scenario. First, the Killer managed to reach the point in a match where they could use a Mori on every Survivor. We suspect they’re running with an Ebony Memento Mori, but even that requires the Survivors to have been hooked twice already.

The second part of this video that’s impressive is the fact that the Yui Survivor somehow keeps finding The Ghostface while the Killer is performing their Mori but ducks away and disappears at just the right moment so the Killer won’t find them.

Clearly, they wanted to show off but also suspected the Killer would be annoyed enough they’d want to hunt them down, which is why they immediately jump down the Hatch at the end. Of course, that Hatch wouldn’t be there if all the other Survivors hadn’t been murdered already.

With a brand new Tome having dropped today in Dead by Daylight, we expect to see a lot more performances like this as players flock back to the game to earn as many cosmetics and Rift Shards as possible.