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Dead by Daylight Tome 16: Existence Patch Notes Showcase the Fabulous Nicholas Cage and Killer Updates

Dead by Daylight Tome 16: Existence doubles down on Nicholas Cage cosmetics while addressing serious balance changes for the game.

Today Behavior Interactive released Dead by Daylight Tome 16: Existence to coincide with the Nicholas Cage Chapter. While the new Chapter adds the iconic actor as a Survivor, the patch notes show how this update alters the game on a deeper level.

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The changes in today’s update include significant map balance changes as well as a focus on The Onryo Killer that makes it far more viable and powerful as an adversary to Survivors in any Trial. While a slew of perks have also been changed, there’s no mention of Dead Hard.

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Dead by Daylight Tome 16: Existence Buffs The Onryo And Adds New Character Portraits

The patch notes for Dead by Daylight Tome 16: Existence are live now that the update has been pushed to all platforms. The update brings a few balance changes to the wider game alongside the highly-anticipated Nicholas Cage Chapter, now available for purchase.

Among the patch notes are a few big changes players will be interested in. Firstly, The Onryo has seen some improvements that allow it to teleport more often in Trials, inflict Condemned more frequently, and punish Survivors further for carrying the Tape. This is a criminally underplayed Killer that should now be more threatening than ever.

The second major balance change is to the Coldwind Farm Realm. The maps in this Realm have undergone significant changes in an effort to provide a more engaging Trial for both Killers and Survivors. Players will need to jump into a Trial to see these changes first hand.

The final major update is for Perks on both the Killer and Survivor side. These Perk changes are designed to take underutilized Perks and bring them back to the mainstream, making them much more viable in builds. With the introduction of Nicholas Cage and his three unique Perks, this could totally transform the meta.

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Of course, a new Tome also means a new Rift Pass and accompanying cosmetics. Players can earn dozens of new cosmetics on the free or premium tracks, but they can also purchase some fabulous new outfits for a range of Killers and Survivors like Nicholas Cage. Our favorite is the Tough Guy Outfit from the Nicholas Cage Collection.

On a final note from Behaviour Interactive, it seems as though character portraits have been altered. The developer tells players to check them out in lobbies if they want to see just what those changes look like, so fans that want to see something totally different should pay attention while playing once the update has been downloaded.

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