Dead by Daylight Update Improves The Singularity’s Biopods & Nefs EMPs

Behaviour Interactive is giving The Singularity more power in each Trial and hindering Survivors so they can’t compete with Biopods easily.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive has today announced a new patch that will address some of the feedback players have shared regarding the new Killer from the End Transmission Chapter and their abilities.

The upcoming bug patch 7.0.1 will address various issues in Dead by Daylight, but its main purpose is to adjust how the game’s latest Killer, The Singularity, works. The changes will affect both the Killer and Survivors in each Trial, making the game more engaging and The Singularity a much more viable option for those playing the Killer role.

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Behaviour Interactive is Making The Singularity a Better Killer in Dead by Daylight

In a blog post today, Behaviour Interactive outlined its plans to improve The Singularity in Dead by Daylight in its next bug patch. The patch will alter the two core parts of how this Killer works. First, it’ll improve its Biopods so that they experience less downtime and make it possible to use The Singularity’s abilities more. Second, the patch will cut the number of EMPs in each Trial and make them slower to spawn.

Based on our time with The Singularity, we believe these changes are sorely needed. The Singularity relies upon its Biopods, fleshy cameras that can stick to any vertical surface, to locate and tag Survivors. Once tagged, Survivors can be caught by a Biopod and shot, applying for the Slipstream Status, allowing The Singularity to teleport directly to them and get in a quick hit. However, the EMPs Survivors gain access shortly after a Trial starts and disable Biopods for a long period of time, making it difficult to use the Killer’s ability as frequently as players might want to.

Likewise, it feels too easy to hoard EMPs among the Survivors and work against the Singularity to distract it and make its Biopods useless. This new big patch, which should be released soon, will increase the time it takes for EMPs to spawn from 90 seconds to 100 seconds and spawn only 4 of them on the map. Meanwhile, The Singularity will benefit from a decreased Biopod downtime of 45 seconds, dropped from 60 seconds.

Finally, the time to charge an EMP is being increased to 2.5 seconds, and Survivors will be slowed by 10% while charging. This makes saving an EMP for a chase much less viable, forcing them to use the item earlier in a Trial when close to a Biopod instead. This should make chases easier for The Singularity and cut down on the Survivors’ ability to kite the Killer away from certain generators.