Dead by Daylight’s Funko Pop! deal has fallen to the greatest Killer of all: business decisions

The Entity claimed them for itself.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

The Dead by Daylight team has announced that its previously announced collaboration with Funko Pop! will not be happening after all. The game took to Twitter to let its fanbase know that the bobblehead statues of some of your favorite Killers, like The Huntress, The Doctor, The Wraith, and Survivor Claudette Morel, would not be happening after all.

No reason for the cancellation was given outside of “circumstances beyond [their] control,” so you can read into the situation that Funko decided to cancel the deal for whatever reason. We don’t expect it to have to do with the popularity of Dead by Daylight, as the game has proven to be a consistent place for horror fans to flock to. Some of the third-party Killers available for purchase have already seen their own Funko models made in years past, so it is not a question of making scary content.

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When trying to speculate what could have caused this cancelation, we honestly can’t imagine it being a case of the series being unpopular. Dead by Daylight has a very loyal fanbase that loves talking up the game and supporting it, so we imagine the issue didn’t come from a financial side. Funko is also known for covering just about every media franchise out there that has a pulse, so we can’t imagine it being an issue of obscurity. It could just come down to them wanting to put their focus on other areas, or a supply chain issue.

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We think there definitely was room for the Dead by Daylight Funko Pops! to be successful for both companies involved. While it is disappointing to see these collectibles canceled, the above tweet added that more collaborations are on the way. We would say to watch out for the next anniversary livestream, which should likely happen in May or June.