No need for the Bloodweb with this realistic fan-made Dead by Daylight Medkit prop

Does not require actual blood.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Dead by Daylight is packed with iconic characters and items that players become extremely familiar with as they put more and more hours into the game. Some fans like to show off their cosplay costumes of Killers and Survivors, and now someone has provided an in-depth tutorial for making your very own Medkit.

The tutorial was posted in two parts by user Myrththeboo_cosplay, and shows a step-by-step guide for creating the Medkit from Dead by Daylight out of a small plastic box used for screws and nails, some paint, and a few other minor parts you can easily pick up at a local hardware store. In the first part, you can see how the small plastic case is transformed into something that closely resembles the Medkit. However, it lacks the dirt, grime, and other questionable stains that make Dead by Daylight’s in-game version so recognizable.

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The second part of this tutorial covers how to make the Medkit look worn with a sponge and black paint. The handle is shockingly simple to put together using nothing more than a piece of fabric, some wire, and a glue gun. The finished product is a thing of beauty and something we wouldn’t be ashamed to use as a Nintendo Switch case, providing there’s a larger, yet still practical, box out there somewhere.

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Cosplayers can spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars putting together their intricate costumes for events and meetups. This is an example of a piece of cosplay that doesn’t break the bank and can form part of a simpler outfit that still looks effective. Myrththeboo_cosplay plans to make a Hex/Boon Totem next for any eager cosplayers to use, keeping the budget just as low as this Medkit tutorial.

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical horror game that pits four Survivors against a single Killer. Survivors need to find and repair five generators in order to escape. While they do this, a Killer will hunt them down and attack them with the aim to down and hook each Survivor so they can be sacrificed to The Entity. In Dead by Daylight, Medkits are used to heal Survivors after taking a hit from a Killer, giving them a chance to reach the exit or a hatch and escape. This is just one of the many useful items Survivors can take into a Trial, but certainly one of the most iconic, second maybe to the Tooblox.