Dead Cells adds a new biome: The Bank

Don’t get greedy.

Image via Motion Twin

Dead Cells has had a long history of new content — it started as an early access game, after all. Since its 2018 launch, we’ve received a smattering of new biomes and bosses thanks to expansions and DLC. That’s not slowing down anytime soon, as we just got word of yet another new biome.

As detailed on the game’s Steam community page, Dead Cells Update 28 is adding The Bank, which is available now in the alpha version of the game on PC. This new biome “randomly appears in your run, replacing the following biome if you choose to enter it.” Once you’ve faced The Hand of the King at least once, The Bank will start showing up. To get there, look for a new special chest — it’s “guaranteed to appear at a random point in your run,” but that’s your only opportunity to visit. Once inside, you can get some extra gold through a loan, but you’ll have to “pay it back at the end,” which certainly sounds ominous.

Since The Bank replaces a regular biome, you’ll encounter all potential enemies from the replaced biome(s) inside. There’s also a trio of new enemies designed specifically for The Bank. Update 28 also adds three new weapons and three new mutations, all of which revolve around gold.

Previous updates brought plenty of content to Dead Cells in their own right. Update 27 ushered in The Queen and the Sea DLC, with a full alternate ending for the game. Before that, Update 26 added crossover characters from other indie hits.