Dead Space developer Livestream will creep onto YouTube this Friday


Dead Space

Image via EA

Developers for the upcoming Dead Space remake finally revealed when fans can expect to hear more about the game. A Dead Space live stream is set for Friday, March 11 at 10 AM PT. Developers promise that the live stream will be the “latest in [a] series of early looks at [the] development and what goes into the remake of a game.”

The Dead Space Remake was first announced during EA’s Play Live 2021. Before the remake was announced, the franchise had been on hiatus since Dead Space 3 underperformed. The Remake will be based on the first game in the franchise, with actor Gunner Wright returning to voice the series’ lead Isaac again.

To further tease the upcoming live stream, Dead Space’s Twitter shared a clip from the Remake. It informed readers to listen closely, and there is a faint voice saying something. It’s best to use headphones while listening, but it is still very difficult to make out what is being said. Our ears hear laughter and someone either saying “Is it alive?” or “Is it mine?”

The Dead Space Remake has no official release date at this moment, but there are reports that it could be aiming to release later this year. The live stream may finally give fans more concrete information on the game’s release date.