Dedicated fan recreates beloved Stardew Valley character Penny in Minecraft

If I had a penny for every time.

Image via Mojang

Minecraft is a game where you can build just about anything. It’s endured throughout the years because its sandbox gameplay is centered around the creativity of its community. One player named TheCygnusLoop has combined their love for Minecraft and Stardew Valley by creating an adorable version of Penny, one of the residents of Pelican Town, in the block-building game.

TheCygnusLoop posted their creation on the Minecraft Reddit page, featuring Penny’s signature bashful look along with her ginger hair and yellow shirt. Of course, this being a small character shot of Penny means that we don’t get a larger sense of her in-game backstory. There, she lives with her mom and her biggest ambition seems to be getting married. That said, CygnusLoop’s portrayal certainly does a great job of capturing Penny’s general personality. It’s clear from the image that Penny is a kind-hearted soul, which we see in Stardew when she’s tutoring the town’s children. Of course, if you want to bring Penny into your life, she’s a romanceable option. Either way, this blocky reconstruction definitely captures the spirit of the character well.

Penny Stardew Valley Minecraft.
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Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game released back in 2016. It was created by sole developer Eric Barone and took over four years to complete. Barone cited major inspiration from playing early Harvest Moon games but felt like the series was starting to degrade over the years. Gameplay is incredibly open-ended, with the player able to complete in-game or self-made goals, and focus on multiple aspects of gameplay like farming, fishing, mining, befriending (or getting married to) villagers like Penny, or making your farm beautiful through customization. It has sold 20 million copies since its release.

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Minecraft had similarly humble beginnings, being the brain-child of Markus Persson and eventually going on to be the best-selling game of all time. Persson would found the development company Mojang, which Microsoft would later buy for 2.5 billion dollars. Minecraft has remained relevant and popular due to numerous updates, crossovers, spin-off games, and a passionate community.

Although Minecraft and Stardew Valley aren’t similar games, they share some DNA as they let characters be creative within their own means. Minecraft plays have been building beautiful pieces of art to show off to the community for years.