Dehya from Genshin Impact has inspired the community to donate to a children’s education charity

A beacon of hope.

Image by HoYoverse

Dehya might not be the strongest character to release in Genshin Impact, but her beloved, strong, and charitable personality has inspired many players in the community to donate to a children’s education charity. Thanks to a heartwarming scene in Dehya’s recent character teaser trailer, thousands of players in the Chinese Genshin Impact community donated to a charity that helps provide education for children in need in rural areas of China.

According to Reddit user u/Fxavierho, the donation was spurred into action thanks to Dehya’s character teaser, which follows her as she helps a child cross into Sumeru City to escape brutal sandstorms that are raging in the area. The city prevents people from the desert from entering Sumeru City, which prompts Dehya to help the desert people sneak into the city and live a better life.

The community donated to the “Project Hope” charity in response, encouraging players to donate 648¥, abbreviated from 6,480 Genesis Crystals, the most expensive package of Genesis Crystals in the game. A screenshot in the same Reddit thread shows a swarm of donations in the span of about 30 minutes.

As of this writing, the charity has raised over 8,000,000¥ across approximately 43,000 donations, which is just a little over $1,150,000 USD. According to a comment made by the user u/Accomplished_Tone_13 who had tried to donate to the project, the charity had reached 90% of the target goal by the release of the teaser and had completely met its goal by February 26.

You can learn more about the charity on its official page. If you’re a Dehya fan, know that her banner is slated to release on March 1, as well as a limited Character Event Wish banner for Cyno. The banner will also feature rate-ups for the 4-star characters Bennett, Barbara, and Collei.