Destiny 2 content creator bakenGangstA banned by Bungie

The ban hammer cometh.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 has been getting some grief from the playerbase lately over how common it is to run into cheaters, so it’s easy to think that the company reacted with some glee when it got to ban a reasonably high profile content creator for doing just that.

bakenGangstA, who has just over one hundred thousand subscribers on Youtube, was banned for cheating according to Tweets the content creator sent himself. The Youtuber specifically asked for Bungie’s community team to look into the issue, in an apparent attempt to get people off his trail.

The reply from the team was simply that bans are not handed out for no reason, and that any ban given would have already been validated by the team. Not to be deterred from digging straight down, bakenGangstA demanded proof that he has been hacking, calling the ban “bullshit.”

Bungie’s Senior Community Manager, Dmg04, replied “We have detected 2 accounts under your ownership using cheat suites while playing Destiny 2, and have banned 4 accounts total. (Includes ban evasion)”, before letting baken know that they would no longer be replying to tweets about the issue.

As for baken, he is still refusing to accept the results of the ban and is protesting his innocence to anyone that will listen. It seems reasonably unlikely that Bungie got this one wrong, however, if only because bans from Destiny 2 appear to be quite rare, so you have really messed up if they manage to catch you.

baken existed in an interesting bracket among Destiny 2 content creators, not really offering a huge amount in the way of content other than short, sharp slices of entertainment around high skill plays, often only 30 seconds long. The ban now casts a shadow over these so-called “skill clips”.