Destiny 2 Fans Are Getting Salty About Fish

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep added fishing mechanics, and fans have much to say about how the mechanics work or don’t.


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Bungie added fishing to Destiny 2 with Season 21: Season of the Deep. The activity is slow-paced and methodical, almost the opposite of everything players are accustomed to. While fishing has been well received for the most part, some Destiny 2 players have found something to complain about with this new system.

Fishing in Destiny 2 has certain limitations in place to keep the normal flow of the game. For various reasons, a section of Destiny 2 community doesn’t like this, and they have started a thread on Reddit with suggestions for how they think Bungie could fix fishing and turn it into something slightly less frustrating.

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Players Don’t Like Limitations on Fishing in Destiny 2

Fishing in Destiny 2 is easy to understand. Players collect Bait from the activities they’d normally play, then use it at specific fishing locations around the system to catch many types of fish. Fishing spots are live for around 15 to 20 minutes before they disappear when a Public Event pops up. This system is designed to push players into completing those Public Events, but some players just want to fish.

In a thread on the Destiny Subreddit, players have been venting their frustration at the fact that it’s near impossible to reach maximum Focused Fishing and catch the rarest fish in Destiny 2 due to the Public Event limitation. To increase the Focused Fishing meter and have a chance at catching rarer fish, more players need to be fishing with Bait for longer, and having the fishing spot disappear after 20 minutes isn’t conducive to this hobby.

It’s easy to understand why Bungie has designed fishing in Destiny 2 this way. It keeps players from getting stuck at fishing spots and forces them to make the most of fishing while the locations are available so that they push the Focused Fishing meter as high as possible. Unfortunately for Bungie, these limitations seem to come across as bugs.

In the thread, players discuss how leaving fish on the ground and waiting for the fishing spot to return gives them a head start on catching legendary fish, thus increasing the Focused Fishing meter. Of course, players will always seek to find exploits to systems like this in MMOs to play as efficiently as possible. In this specific case, though, it’s possible that fishing is just more popular than the team at Bungie thought it would be, and it might benefit from a few tweaks to let players do it for longer.