Destiny 2: Season of the Deep End Date, Story & New Weapons

Season of the Deep brings back a fan-favorite character, sandbox location, and sees Guardians delve beneath alien waves.


Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 Season 21 is titled Season of the Deep and takes Guardians back to a beloved location that was vaulted by developer Bungie long ago, Titan. Beneath the waves, players will battle against a new threat, collect new gear and weapons themed around deep water creatures, and unlock new Exotics for their collection. This guide explains everything fans need to know about Destiny 2 Season of the Deep, so they have all the information they need to dive in and face the evil lurking beneath Titan’s sea.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep is for newcomers and dedicated Destiny 2 players. However, considering that the story references a character from Destiny 2’s past, it may appeal more to those who have been playing the game since its launch. Commander Sloane and Titan return in this season, something fans have been desperate for since they were vaulted, meaning this will almost certainly be one of the most popular seasons of 2023.

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Destiny 2 Season of the Deep (Season 21) Guides

We’ve been playing a lot of Destiny 2 Season of the Deep, and have come up against a few pain points where we believe all players will need a helping hand. Below is a list of guides that will help players through the new season’s content, from fishing to Exotic weapons, and even god rolls for the seasonal weapons.

When is the End Date for Destiny 2 Season of the Deep?

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Destiny 2 Season of the Deep will end on August 22 at 10 AM PT. Players have until then to complete all the Seasonal quest steps, grab every time-limited Exotic, and earn every rank in the season pass. After the weekly reset on that date, the season will be over, and no one will be able to access it again because it’ll be replaced by Season 22.

When Does the Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Dungeon Release?

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep will add a new Dungeon activity. This Dungeon is still under wraps at the time of writing, but it’s been confirmed that it will launch the same week as the main season, on May 26 at 10 AM PT.

What is the Story of Destiny 2 Season of the Deep?

Image via Bungie

The story of Season of the Deep revolves around Commander Sloane, the NPC who was stationed on Titan before Bungie vaulted the planet. The player’s Guardian is contacted by what they think is Sloane but turns out to be a giant undersea creature living in the ocean on Titan. Players need to help this creature because she knows something about The Witness that they need to know in order to defeat it.

Is There Fishing in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep?

Image via Sony

Yes, Season of the Deep added the fishing pastime activity to Destiny 2. Players will find fishing equipment while exploring the depths of Titan’s oceans. This can then be used at fishing spots throughout the system so players can catch the various fish that live there. This was confirmed in a PlayStation Blog post as Season of the Deep was released, but due to server errors, it was also the first place most players learned about it.

How to Get Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Armor

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Players will earn Destiny 2 Season of the Deep’s seasonal armor by completing the various activities they usually play through. The armor will drop from Engrams earned from all activities, but some can also be picked up from vendors. For example, The Drifter has his own set of armor for Season of the Deep that players can buy as they earn ranks with him in Gambit. In keeping with the story’s themes, which takes place under the sea on Titan, the armor features aspects of various deep sea fish such as jellyfish, anglerfish, and even crustaceans like crabs. Every class has an individual look to collect, making for some of the most striking armor the game has received all year.

How to Get the Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Ritual Weapon

To get Destiny 2 Season of the Deep’s Ritual Weapon, players need to reset their rank with each of the three main vendors for the Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit, then reach Rank 17. Once they do this, they can claim the Ritual Weapon from those vendors.

The Ritual Weapon for Destiny 2 Season of the Deep is a Scout Rifle called Last Rite. Bungie revealed it before the season’s release and has three unique Ornaments to collect, as usual. Each one is themed around the activity it’s earned from, meaning players can pick up a new look for the weapon whether they play more Crucible, Gambit, or Vanguard activities than anything else.

What Changes Did Season of the Deep Bring to Destiny 2?

Bungie shared several pieces of information about the broader updates that Season of the Deep implemented in Destiny 2. The last This Week at Bungie prior to its release showed off some of the new Strand Aspects players can unlock and utilize during the season. There are many changes to the way Exotic weapons work that will be implemented through this season, as well as other changes that will be detailed in a full breakdown on Bungie’s website in the Season of the Deep patch notes.

How to Get the PlayStation Studios Armor in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep features a set of armor Ornaments based on PlayStation Studios games. There’s a Hunter set for the Horizon franchise, a Titan set for the God of War franchise, and a Warlock set for the Ghost of Tsushima franchise. Players can also pick up The Last Of Us-themed items, such as a Sparrow and Ghost Shell. At the time of writing, it’s not explicitly clear if these Ornaments cost money from the Eververse Store or are rewards PlayStation players can pick up either for free or as part of their PlayStation Plus subscription. Once more details are available, we’ll update this section of our guide.

All Trailers for Destiny 2 Season of the Deep

The launch trailer for Season of the Deep gave players a much better look at what they’d be doing in this season.

The Destiny 2 Season of the Deep teaser trailer shows off a few interesting aspects of the season. There’s a giant creature underwater on what is presumed to be Titan. The voice of a missing NPC called Sloane can be heard, and the Guardians on show are wearing strange new armor.