Destiny 2 fans are hit with nostalgia in this week’s battleground activity

It’s been a long time, Guardians.

Image via Bungie’s YouTube

The next weekly activity for Destiny 2 launched alongside the game’s major holiday event, The Dawning. While fans might have turned their focus to this significant event, providing cookies and warm pastries to their favorite characters, the weekly activity takes players to an iconic area they haven’t seen for nearly two years.

This week’s Heist Battleground activity, a part of the ongoing Season of the Seraph storyline, takes players back to the main area of Mars. This location used to be an iconic open-world area before Mars was removed from the game following the release of Beyond Light in 2020. Several fans noted the return to the location on Reddit and were excited to see it once again, even if the visit is short-lived by the Battleground activity.

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The location can be repeatedly visited by players, but only by those who purchased the Season of the Seraph battle pass to participate in these activities. Returning to this area is a random chance, though.

The planet had been removed from the game for several story reasons before Beyond Light was released in 2020, but it was primarily removed because Bungie wanted to lower the install requirement for the game and make it easier to store on hardware. Following Bungie’s 2022 showcase earlier this year in August, the team promised they were going to stop cutting out content, and they weren’t going to remove any more of it. This is an aspect of the game players did not enjoy, and hopefully, Bungie lives up to its promise.

Some fans are curious if there will be a game mode where they can reclaim this area, taking the fight to The Witness following the end of Lightfall. There’s a good amount of debate on this type of gameplay and what it would look like, but it would be an exciting draw for players to have to directly battle against the Witness after Lightfall and take back crucial battleground points throughout the solar system.

For now, players can only briefly return to this area during the Heist Battleground activity. For those who want to check it out for themselves, make sure to work through the Season of the Seraph main quest story, More than a Weapon, to unlock it.