Destiny 2: Forsaken Launch Trailer Gives Us Our Voice Back

Destiny 2

Today marks the official start of Year 2 for Destiny 2 and the beginning of the one-week countdown to the Forsaken expansion. Bungie has released a three-minute launch trailer today, and it showcases some of the aftermaths of what we’ve known happens to Cayde-6.

Forsaken Launch Trailer

The trailer focuses on the discussions between Commander Zavala, Ikora Rey, and your Guardian as they plan their next steps after Cayde-6 was brutally cut down by Prince Uldren. He will undoubtedly be the main bad guy in this expansion, and it’s all about hunting him down and exacting justice.

We also get our first official glimpse at Spider, a Fallen vendor who will ally with our Guardians to pursue his own set of goals. You can find out a bit more about him in our Complete Guide to the Tangled Shore.

It’s also become quite clear that Prince Uldren has stepped over to the dark side and allied himself with the eight Fallen Barons, who we’ve profiled in our article about the Scorn, the new primary enemy type you’ll encounter in Forsaken.

Our Guardian Speaks!

It takes a tremendous tragedy like the demise of Cayde-6 to get our Guardian out of his or her shell and speak again. Guardians haven’t spoken at all in Destiny 2 and it took them nearly three years to do so in the first Destiny. I suppose by that comparison, they’re ahead of schedule.

If you were hoping for the rest of the Vanguard to step up and lift a finger to rectify the situation, however, I have bad news for you. Our Guardian uses his few words to put the burden on our shoulders, and it looks like we’ll be striking out on our own to get revenge for Cayde-6. I suppose that makes sense, after all, who would protect the city with his vigilant stares from the Tower if not Zavala.

Destiny 2: Forsaken release on September 4 for all platforms and you can check the detailed release times to know exactly when to start downloading the day-one patch.