Destiny 2 players on PS5 are frustrated by the Lightfall update, but the community isn’t having any of it

A surprisingly wholesome reaction.


Image via Bungie

Over the weekend, an error that was eventually corrected caused some PS5 users to begin downloading the next expansion for Destiny 2, Lightfall, ahead of the intended time. This caused some players to need to delete and download the game again, missing out on the time they could have been playing. However, the community has remained largely positive, even defending Bungie and the game against those complaining about the issue.

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Bungie outlined to fans on Saturday that something was causing the PS5 version of Destiny 2 to start preloading the Lightfall expansion. It added that this would make the game unplayable for any users that downloaded the expansion early, advising them to delete and download Destiny 2 again if they wanted to play until the next weekly reset.

Today, some users have started to moan about the Lightfall update issue, explaining that they missed out on playing the game because of it. Some users were trying to tick the final few tasks off of the Season of the Seraph Title list, but the rest of the Destiny 2 community is pushing back, defending Bungie and Destiny 2. The main line the community is using is that players who wanted to get the latest Title should have been playing Destiny 2 and working toward it much earlier.

Destiny 2 is a massive game, but it’s also known for having errors and servers filling up too fast when big expansions launch. Any player that’s been part of the community for a year or so knows this, and collectors will have gotten their Titles sorted weeks ago. While the Lightfall update issue was annoying, you’ve had a solid chunk of time to finish everything up before the new expansion.

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Lightfall is the latest Expansion in Destiny 2, taking players to Neptune as The Witness finally approaches and attacks The Traveler with its army of Pyramids. Bungie is calling this the start of The Collapse 2.0, an event that players have been dreading because it signals a time when they aren’t going to be on the winning side anymore. Alongside the new expansion comes Season of Defiance, which will see players fight back against Calus’ army on Earth, resulting in an attack on all fronts, one that not all Guardians will survive.