Destiny 2 Is Getting A Cross Save Function, Coming To Google Stadia

Destiny 2

Accordingly to data mined leaks, and a report from Kotaku that cites insider information, Destiny 2 will be coming to Google Stadia and getting a cross-save function. The cross-save feature will allow you to transfer your progress between Xbox, PC, and Google Stadia, although Sony has adopted their usual position concerning the PlayStation 4 and don’t seem to be on board at the moment.

In the data mined image above, you can see the words “cross-save”, heavily implying the feature is coming to the game in the future. Destiny 2 would greatly benefit from the functionality, as would any game that releases on multiple platforms. There is nothing worse than losing all the progress you have made on your Guardians just because you switch platform. It is highly like that the feature, and the Shadowkeep expansion, will be announced tomorrow during Bungie’s Destiny 2 live stream.

The Google Stadia news is, perhaps, a little more interesting. Despite Activision not being happy with the sales, Destiny 2 still has a huge player base, so having a game like that on the new streaming platform would undoubtedly be a strong move. It does also imply that we might not see Destiny 3 for a while, as there is little reason to put the game on the platform if it was just going to get replaced soon. At the fact that Shadowkeep is rumored to release in the Fall, and we could easily be looking at another year or two with Destiny 2.

Interestingly, Google also has a live stream tomorrow for Google Stadia, so I would expect to learn a lot about how the two companies are working together then.