What Time is Destiny 2 Weekly Reset?

New things to do, weekly.

Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, various activities will reset weekly. Challenges in the Crucible, finishing the Raid, taking part in Flashpoints, and finding treasure can all net players some important items. It is also one of the major ways that Destiny 2 players can increase their Power level. Each week, the game resets, new challenges are posted, and sometimes new activities like the Faction Rally or Iron Banner will be active.

What Time Is Destiny 2 Weekly Reset?

The Destiny 2 Weekly Reset occurs at the following times.

  • UK: 6 PM BST
  • Europe: 6 PM CEST
  • East Coast US: 12 PM EDT
  • West Coast US: 9 PM PDT

The Reset used to occur much earlier in the day but was altered to sync up with major release timings of expansions, and the weekly maintenance.

Below is a full list of the activities that are reset each week.

  • Nightfall Strikes and Nightfall Ordeal
  • Flashpoint
  • Nightmare Hunts
  • Heroic Menagerie
  • The Reckoning
  • Escalation Protocol
  • Clan XP and Clan Engram Rewards
  • Imperial Treasure Maps
  • Leviathan Raid and Raid Lairs, and other Raid rewards
  • Xur will leave the game until his return on Fridays
  • New stock in the Eververse store, and with in-game vendors.
  • The weekly Singe will change to a new element
  • Ascendant Challenge
  • 4v4 and 6v6 Crucible special modes will change

Weekly resets are also when new quests are added to the game. Story and Exotic quests are added throughout the season, to give players fresh loot to chase down. When the Weekly Reset hits, it is time to start working towards that Powerful and Pinnacle gear again.