Destiny 2 – Weekly Reset January 23, 2018

Destiny 2

Every Tuesday Destiny 2 resets, giving Guardians new chances to work towards Powerful loot drops. You can play in the Crucible, do Public Events and Patrols, the Nightfall, and Trials of the Nine to get these Powerful loot drops. Read on for a full list of this week’s activities.


This week’s Nightfall Strike is The Inverted Spire.


Attrition: Health and shield regeneration slow down, but killing foes may create wells of Light that restore health and charge your Super.

Killing Time: Defeat enemies to extend the mission timer, up to a limit.

Destiny 2 - Weekly Reset January 23, 2018
The Inverted SpireActivision


Speed of Dark: Finish the Nightfall with five minutes remaining.

Unbroken: Finish the Nightfall with fewer than three deaths.

The Floor Is Lava: As a fireteam, do not get hit by Protheon’s fiery ground attack before defeating it.

Leviathan Raid

This week’s Raid rotation is the Pleasure Gardens, the Gauntlet, Royal Pools, and then the Calus fight. The Challenge for this week’s Raid is the Gauntlet.

Destiny 2 - Weekly Reset January 23, 2018
Leviathan RaidTL;DR Games • Fair Use


This week’s Flashpoint occurs on Titan. Complete Public Events to earn a Powerful Engram from Cayde-6. Finishing Heroic Events will finish this quest sooner. Remember to pick up the Treasure Maps from Cayde!

Destiny 2 - Weekly Reset January 23, 2018
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Shaxx’ Milestone

Call to Arms: Participate in the Crucible to earn Powerful loot. Wins are worth more than losses, so try your best, Guardian!

Trials Of The Nine

Form a Fireteam of four Guardians and take on other players in the Trials playlist. Get one win for access to the Spire.

Eververse Inventory


Shoulder Dance Legendary Emote (700 Bright Dust)

Victory Taunt Rare Emote (400 Bright Dust)


Down to Business (Sweet Business) Ornament (800 Bright Dust)

Veist Silver (The Colony) Ornament (800 Bright Dust)

Ghost Shells

Abacus Legendary Shell (400 Bright Dust)


Metroy Shift Legendary Shader (40 Bright Dust)

Watermelon Legendary Shader (40 Bright Dust)


Guardian White Rare Teleport Effect (450 Bright Dust)

Class Ornament (1950 Bright Dust)

Ridgerunner Rex Legendary Sparrow (600 Bright Dust)

Rubenta Dextra Legendary Ship (500 Bright Dust)