Destiny 2 – Where Is Xur for March 23, 2018?

Destiny 2

Friday is Xur day. The mysterious vendor from parts unknown arrives in Destiny 2 with new and exciting loot. Let’s see what he has for us this week.

Where is Xur?

You can find Xur hanging out on the EDZ.

Xur EDZTL;DR Games • Fair Use

What is Xur selling?

Once again, Xur is selling three armor pieces, one for each of the three classes in Destiny 2. Xur is also carrying the Three of Coins, as well as my personal favorite, the Fated Engram. You can find a complete list of what Xur is selling below.

Sunshot – Hand Cannon

SunshotTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Orpheus Rig – Hunter Leg Armor

Orpheus Rig
Orpheus RigTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Lion Rampant – Titan Leg Armor

Lion Rampant
Lion RampantTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Karnstein Armlets – Warlock Gauntlets

Karnstein Amulets
Karnstein AmuletsTL;DR Games • Fair Use

What Should You Buy?

The Sunshot is one of my favorite Hand Cannons in the game. It hits hard and fast, makes a wonderful sound when you fire it, and is suitable terrifying when you get smacked with it. Buy it if you haven’t gotten it, and have a bit more respect for yourself. Orpheus Rig is still the essential Exotic for Void based Hunters. Enjoy an almost endless supply of Super attacks if you use this the right way.

Lion Rampant is, frankly, useless. This is one of those Exotics that makes for a good argument against putting things into games just to fill out the numbers. I really cannot say enough that I feel this thing is pointless. As for the Karnstein Amulets, these things are fun! I really enjoy getting in slap fights with people in PvP and watching them die. Meanwhile, I run off with a stacked health bar. How could you not love it?

We’ll be back next week with the location of Xur in Destiny 2, but until then you should visit the TL;DR Games Destiny 2 Guide Hub. It’s one of the best sources of Destiny 2 content you’ll find on the internet.