Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy trailer is designed to get you hyped

This look at the next season of Bungie’s looter-shooter will get your blood pumping.

Destiny 2

Bungie makes damn fine trailers, this we know. The newly released gameplay trailer for Season of the Worthy is no different. In it, we get to see Zavala and Ana Bray in action, and we also get our first look at what we all actually be doing next season.

It would appear that the Cabal has decided to use the dead-in-the-sky Almighty, a floating tribute to the folly of their warmongering, as a weapon. They have sent the massive ship plummeting towards the Last City, a final attempt to stick it to the Guardians who keep interfering with their plans.

You will need to awaken Rasputin, an ancient Warmind designed for planetary defense, and the season will introduce a new shared public event called Seraph Towers. You will need to take part in these to prepare Rasputin’s defenses against the coming threat. There are also Bunkers being added to the game, which we will need to clear out to reestablish communication with the Warmind.

Trials of Osiris is returning, along with new Exotics and quests. Tommy’s Matchbook is a futuristic take on the Tommy Gun, and we already know that the Fourth Horseman shotgun will be returning as well. The seasonal artifact is the Warmind Khanjali, and you can upgrade it for special mods, and extra Power levels, just like in previous seasons.

It looks like most of the season will be spent helping Rasputin grow in power, which is interesting given that earlier story trailers hinted at some kind of head-to-head between the AI and Osiris. It is certainly shaping up to be an interesting, and tense, season for the inhabitants of the Last City.

Bungie has also set an information page for Season of the Worthy live, so check it out to learn more about the upcoming season.