Destiny 2’s upcoming changes to dungeon difficulty could pose a problem for players

It’s looking dicey on what Bungie believes should become challenging content.

Image via Bungie

Not everything is lining up perfectly for Bungie in the lead-up to Destiny 2’s next expansion, Lightfall. The latest blog post released by the team went into detail surrounding the upcoming gameplay changes that should be making Destiny 2 more challenging, a big highlight that fans have been looking forward to. However, when Bungie shared the more gritty details of how this would happen, fans took a step back and weren’t entirely on board.

Bungie’s challenge-focused blog post went over the high-difficulty activities. The team shared that they would be removing Adept difficulty, making Hero, Legend, and Master with a higher challenge curve. It would also be removing Match Game and having it so mismatched shields would take 50% less damage everywhere in Destiny 2, and adding in Surges and Threats, which is similar to how they already work in specific element burns. A specific weekly Surge gives players increased damage if they use a particular type, and Threats also have it, so they take damage from a specific element type from enemies.

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Overall, it feels like Bungie is making these factors more complicated than they already were, and fans immediately took notice. Many of them took to Reddit to share their discontent with these upcoming changes, and many worried that this would limit what type of builds they would use when they want to run any dungeon-related content moving forward.

These types of specific content locks were already in place for Nightfalls but had yet to come to dungeons, and with these changes happening across all activities, this does look like it’ll be the case. Destiny 2 players will need to be more aware of what passive debuffs and specific element types the enemies are weak against.

Leading up to Lightfall, Bungie has been saying that challenge and creativity are two of their four big players for the next year, and if the challenge pillar shoots down creativity, there are going to be some problems. So far, these restrictions limit the overall creativity a Destiny 2 player can weave into their builds.

Right now, the end-game content for Destiny 2 seems to be on edge with the community, but Bungie continues to listen as much as they can. These changes take time, so if the community is outwardly against them, Bungie can make steady improvements, but they can’t happen overnight.