Bungie announces Destiny 2’s Season of Defiance, kicking off multiple changes coming to Lightfall and hefty weapon crafting adjustments

Will you defy them, Guardian?

Image via Bungie

Bungie has come out swinging today by announcing Destiny 2’s Season 20, the season that will go live alongside the Lightfall expansion. On top of this, the team has outlined what the next year of content will look like, along with Season 21, which will be called Season of the Deep. There are a lot of moving parts happening with Lightfall, and weapon crafting is also going under the microscope, potentially becoming an improvement for the community as a whole.

These details were outlined in a hefty post shared by the Bungie team. Creativity and challenge are at the forefront of the team’s mindset when reviewing how to shake up the upcoming seasons scattered throughout Lightfall.

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When Season of Defiance arrives, one big difference is there will not be a large amount of currency. Instead, players will have a single key that they can use to unlock a seasonal activity chest, which will guarantee them better rewards, making it easier for players to know what they’re doing will provide progression. On top of this, Season of the Deep won’t have a vendor upgrade paradigm or the season after that. This is Bungie’s response to player feedback, and we expect even more changes to how seasonal content works moving forward.

Significant weapon changes are on the way, previously hinted at by Bungie, but the year ahead for Lightfall blog post provides a better outline. There will be fewer weapons for players to craft, and Bungie wants players to hunt down non-craftable items. As such, a weapon that can’t be crafted can be enhanced, essentially turning them into a version of a crafted weapon with various enhanced perks and intrinsic properties. The hope is that crafted weapons, and non-crafted ones should be able to face each other, and it comes down to the player using them. The team is also removing Deepsight weapons on patterns players have already completed.

These are only a fraction of what Bungie is talking about, but they’re talking a lot of the fan feedback and feeding into their content to enrich the experience. For players enjoying the challenge of the Heist Battlegrounds, it looks like more of this content is on the way to the season in Destiny 2.