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Diablo 4 Fans Delighted By Rod Fergusson’s Colonoscopy Joke On Stream

Following the announcement of Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant, Rod Ferguesson dropped a hillarious one liner that's got fans in stiches.

This week, Activision Blizzard revealed Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant and showed fans exactly what to expect from the true endgame experience this title has to offer. While players have many thoughts and feelings about the season, one developer has come along and overshadowed the entire thing with a brilliant joke.

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The Diablo 4 community is buzzing with conversations about the upcoming first season, but just as many fans, if not more, are also discussing Rod Fergusson’s hilarious joke about its name. The joke has spread throughout the player base and is now synonymous with the season before it has even begun.

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Rod Fergusson Drops an Amazing Colonoscopy Joke About Diablo 4’s First Season

SVP and general manager of all things Diablo at Blizzard Rod Fergusson made an incredible joke about Diablo 4’s first season, Season of the Malignant, during the same livestream it was revealed. He said that “Malignant Tunnel is the name of my colonoscopy,” which is a reference to the status that some Dungeons around Sanctuary will be assigned during Season of the Malignant.

Fans have latched onto this joke and have been discussing it on the Diablo 4 Subreddit. Most fans have commented, giving Rod credit for a joke that blew them away and made them laugh out loud, “I’m glad Rod keeps coming on the stream over & over again.” However, some parts of the comments on this thread have taken a more serious turn.

While fans have made jokes about needing a colonoscopy at around the age of 50, many others have explored the recommendations and even gone as far as offering advice to other Redditors in the conversation. “They’ve been recommending 30 now. People eat a little more processed foods now. Look at Chadwick Boseman, hell even Ryan Reynolds made a video about getting screened and finding a couple of polyps.”

Cancer is no laughing matter, and Rod’s joke could have dropped like a lead balloon under different circumstances. Interstingly, the Diablo community rolled with it and has turned it into an opportunity to remind a portion of the fan base to get themselves checked if they’re over 30. It’s a wholesome message we can certainly get behind, and we’re sure Rod will pop into future streams with more gems like this one.

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