Diablo 4 Players Beg Blizzard To Let Them Pay Helpless NPCs

Heartbroken players want to help one of the best NPCs in Diablo 4 by giving her some money so she doesn’t have to eat her dog.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Diablo 4 fans are heartbroken by the circumstances one poor NPC is going through because they have no way to help her. In a world where they’re collecting more loot than they can carry, they just want to be able to give her a few scraps to stop her from eating her dog.

The Diablo 4 community has shown incredible sadness over the situation one quest-giving NPC finds themselves in. The quality of the voice acting and writing shine through when a game that’s primarily about clicking as much as possible to kill demons hits players with feelings they never expected.

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Diablo IV Players Want to Help the Saddest NPC in the Game

In a post on the Diablo Subreddit, players have come together to discuss the sheer emotion they feel about one outstanding character in the game. We won’t spoil the context or the story, but this NPC is one whom players will seek out flowers for so she can cheer up her mother. After the quest is complete, players are met with the grim reality that this NPC will either starve to death or eat her dog, and they want to help her.

The comments from players in this thread range from location requests so they can avoid it to historical discussions about how, in times of famine, people have exchanged beloved family pets so they can eat without the emotional heartbreak. This sobering fact brings Diablo 4 fans back to Earth after grinding gear for hours.

One player explained, “This is by far the most emotional moment in the entirety of the Diablo franchise for me. I’m not even joking.” For such a small part of a game that will engross fans for hundreds of hours to have such a significant impact is a testament to the skill of the voice actor and writers behind it. The entire scene, the questline, the dog, and the NPC all add up to make a memorable moment in a series that’s best known for builds and killing bosses for the best loot.

Of course, some elements of the Diablo 4 fanbase don’t care about this NPC, as shown by the user who commented, “Shame *cocks crossbow.”