Diablo 4 Players Call Out Lack of Social Features & Player Interactions

Players desperately want to interact with each other in Diablo 4 as lack of social functionality makes it feel like a solo experience.

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Diablo 4 is a colossal MMO filled to the brim with players hunting demons, grabbing Helltide Chests, and completing every quest they can find. However, it doesn’t have the kinds of social features that allow players to connect as they can in other games, and fans are starting to feel restricted.

MMO players, for the most part, love getting to know like-minded people in their favorite game and taking on the biggest challenges with them. Developers usually introduce some social system to help facilitate this, but Diablo 4 seems to have even less social functionality than Diablo 2, which was released in 1997.

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Diablo 4 Makes Playing Together Incredibly Difficult

As more players reach Diablo 4’s endgame in preparation for its inaugural season, they want to start getting together with others to take on the toughest content the game has to offer. In a recent post on the game’s Subreddit, one user vented their frustrations about the lack of social interactions or any functionality to enable players to get together, and most fans seem to feel the same way.

One user countered this by asking, “How many conversations did you start, or how many people did you try to invite? I see people complaining about the lack of social interactions on this sub, but then most people do nothing to make it happen. They wait, then complain.” In our experience, this rings true in most games. If players invite others to a party to play together or look for those that want to create one, they’ll often find someone to link up with.

While there will always be a portion of every player base that would rather play alone as much as possible in a multiplayer game, it’s hard to deny the benefits of having an easy-to-use system to bring those that want to party up together. Destiny 2 has many third-party applications that bring players together, and Diablo 4 will no doubt eventually see similar ones grow around it. However, these are fan-made systems being put into place to make up for something players feel should already be in the game they love.