Diablo 4 Players Cite User Experience As “Worst Part” of Gameplay

Users on Reddit have been discussing what they see as the worst part of Diablo 4’s gameplay, the user experience.

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Diablo 4 launched to critical acclaim among fans and critics, but now that the dust around the game’s release has had a chance to settle, some players are starting to see cracks in the gameplay. In a recent thread on Reddit, users shared their thoughts on the worst parts of Diablo 4, all of which fall under the banner of user experience.

There are many great moments in Diablo 4 that take the franchise’s formula to new heights, making for the most enjoyable experience in a Diablo game to date. However, as fans have been discussing, the game isn’t without its flaws.

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Diablo 4 Fans Love the Game but Can’t Stand the Busy Work Between Fun Moments

User Mandus_Therion recently posted on the Diablo 4 Subreddit discussing the user experience design as the worst part of the game. In their post, they explain everything they think feels like busy work that the developer should have ironed out, such as loot filters, inventory management, and even fast travel.

Mandus_Therion makes some good points, such as, “Why teleport to the front of the dungeon instead of into it? Why add extra loading screen?” All of this brings into question the overall user experience design of the game. Other users have chimed in with their thoughts in the comments, adding to the deluge of issues the original poster pointed out.

“This is what drains me the most while playing. There’s so many stats, and none of them give a particular clear indication of how it’ll affect my damage.” This point about character stats, an intrinsic part of any Diablo experience, shows just how poor the user experience can be for some players. Anyone new to the series and starting with Diablo 4 might find it so offputting that they quit the game.

Some users have dropped in their workarounds for the user experience, some of which defeats the point of entire systems, “To be honest I don’t really like upgrading gear. It’s like I have to build all my own gear and I wish I would rather pick up ready to use gear. It’s much more exciting finding a gear piece I am actually going to use than a gear piece I have to upgrade to make it usable.” This user is pretty much entirely ignoring the upgrade mechanic because of how complicated and unenjoyable it is. However, they’re sticking with the game because picking up exciting loot is an enjoyable alternative that fills the same gap.

There’s no question that there are issues players want Activision Blizzard to address. Whether they address them in future updates remains to be seen. Still, the problems certainly aren’t going away anytime soon for dedicated Diablo 4 players aiming to dive deep into the title’s first season.