Diablo 4 Celebrates Its Upcoming Launch With a Demon-Themed Beverage

Diablo IV fans can get a unique experience with an announcement that demon parts will now be part of a Demon Meat Shake.

Image via Blizzard

Diablo IV is only a few weeks away, and the hype is ramping up as players prepare to head to Sanctuary for their demon-slaying adventures. To help generate buzz, the developers have decided to do a little recycling; only it’s not the kind you would expect.

In a bizarre yet creative announcement, fans of the upcoming game will be able to get themselves a free Demon Meat Shake as part of a new promotion, which is made from the “leftovers” of player-slayed demons, and supposedly gives players a taste of the world of Diablo.

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Demon Meat Shake Is Made From the “Leftovers” of Defeated Demons

Image via Blizzard

With an open beta and the server slam having come and gone, heaps of demon bodies have been left behind by players after they rampaged across Sanctuary. Being the good sports they are, the Diablo IV developers don’t see the point in their demonic remains going to waste. Instead, they have mashed, sliced, diced, and blended them into a tasty beverage that will give players an authentic “taste of the game.” What that entails is anyone’s guess. Apparently, demons are plants too, since the beverage will be 100% vegan; who knew?

Fans who fancy this demonic delicacy will have a chance to get their hands on one Friday, May 19. To be in with a chance to get yourself a Demon Meat Shake, for free we might add, all you need to do is tweet ad the official Diablo Twitter account and use their hashtag #DemonMeatShake. Those who are lucky enough will be messaged on Twitter with instructions on how to claim their hellish delight. That said, it is only available to Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York residents.

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It’s not uncommon for developers or publishers to get creative with marketing and PR, but this is probably one of the more unique examples we’ve seen in a while. All PR and jokes aside, we aren’t really sure what is in these, but we can only imagine it will be a rather tasty treat.