Digital audience applications restricted to Japan for Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event

Tell all your palamutes and palicos about this show.

Image via Capcom

Japanese Monster Hunter fans eager to be a part of Capcom’s next digital event now have a way to become part of the show. Capcom’s official Monster Hunter website has opened applications for audience members via Zoom for the Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event, scheduled for March 8 at 9 AM Eastern. 1,000 seats are available, and if the number of applications exceeds the number of openings, Capcom will draw numbers from a lottery to determine the winners.

Currently, Capcom is limiting applications to Japanese citizens; this could be due to the prizes available for audience members, which include a physical t-shirt that will be sent through the mail. Those who are chosen as part of the event will also receive download codes for a collection of items for future redemption in the Switch release of Monster Hunter Rise. While non-Japanese citizens are unable to join the official audience, the event will stream to the whole world when it premieres on Capcom’s social media channels.

This won’t be the only Monster Hunter show on Capcom’s schedule. On March 9, we’ll see more gameplay footage, along with special tutorials on different hunts, and a Q&A session with Monster Hunter Rise director Yasunori Ichinose. March 11 will feature a live stream with the Monster Hunter community. We can expect more information about Monster Hunter Stories 2 during the March 8 event, which may include a release date that narrows down the “2021” window.