Facebook Gaming Just Snagged a Big Hearthstone Streamer


Facebook Gaming is adding a major player to its growing roster of streamers. Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, who made his name playing Hearthstone, will make his way to the growing streaming platform, according to a video posted to his Twitter account.

He starts out by explaining that he is simply “moving platform,” but then makes specific mention of Facebook toward the end of the video. This marks the latest move by a streamer from one popular platform to another, following Ninja and Shroud recently making the jump to Mixer.

In addition, Wang revealed that he was given a $20,000 in production budget to make the announcement. But instead of going for something elaborate, he chose to keep it simple and do some good with the money, donating it to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.

“Every time a streamer moves, they have this really cool produced video—and here I am, standing in a hotel room, filming this,” he said. “Honestly, you guys don’t care how it’s announced. You guys just care where I’m moving to. So I’m moving to Facebook Gaming. Check me out there. Bye.”

Wang hasn’t yet provided a schedule as to when he will start streaming on Facebook.