Disney Dreamlight Valley Brings Pride to Town With Free Shirt Codes

Disney Dreamlight Valley fans can celebrate pride with free shirts thanks to a new collection of codes shared by DDV developer Gameloft.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Pride Shit Codes 2023

Image via Gameloft

Pride month is in full swing, and gamers around the world are celebrating the LGBTQAI+ community with themed content updates and exciting events – including Disney Dreamlight Valley. While DDV definitely has a few hurdles when it comes to queer inclusion, like a lack of diverse character models, improvements are coming in every update. This has been punctuated with a new set of free codes from the development team offering Pride t-shirts to players.

As a genderfluid person myself, the opportunity to snag one of these celebratory shirts with a free code is extremely exciting. I often feel like my ability to express my gender through gameplay is limited, and any chance to infuse more diversity into my iteration of the valley is very welcome.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Introduces Eight Pride Shirt Codes

In a Twitter post by DisneyDLV, players can find eight free pride shirts that can be redeemed using the codes found on the Disney Dreamlight Valley blog post.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley pride shirt codes include:

  • Trans Pride Shirt “BRIGHT” – PRIDE20231
  • Non-Binary Pride Shirt “DAZZLE” – PRIDE20232
  • Inclusive Rainbow Pride Shirt “GLEAM” – PRIDE20233
  • Trans-Inclusive Trans Pride Shirt “GLOW” – PRIDE20234
  • Bisexual Pride Shirt “ILLUMINATE” – PRIDE20235
  • Lesbian Pride Shirt “RADIATE” – PRIDE 20236
  • Asexual Pride Shirt “SHIMMER” – PRIDE20237
  • Pansexual Pride Shirt “SHINE” – PRIDE20238

The addition of these shirts in Disney Dreamlight Valley comes at a wonderful time for Disney fans, as many have been watching the battle between the Disney corporation and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over laws that will impact the health and safety of the LGBTQAI+ community. It is wonderful to see Disney’s words backed via inclusive actions in media that support the franchise.

Hopefully, Disney and developer Gameloft will continue to add content in future updates that celebrate people from all around the world. This widespread inclusion allows everyone to see themselves in content that shaped so many childhoods, and it ensures all fans can have a truly magical adventure in Disney Dreamlight Valley.