Don’t worry, Splatoon 3 players — you’ll definitely be able to play Tricolor Turf War in future Splatfests

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Players of Splatoon 3 have seen a series of additions and changes to the game since its launch in September. It seems that updates will keep on coming as Tricolor Turf War — a prominent mode in Splatoon 3’s Splatfests — is getting changed, for better or for worse.

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According to a series of tweets made by the official Splatoon Twitter account, players will now have the option to select Tricolor Turf War once the mode becomes available at the Splatfest’s midpoint starting with the upcoming Sweet vs. Spice vs. Sour Splatfest. In the Ver. 2.0.0 update that was released back in November, the patch notes included that Tricolor Turf War would be changed. Players would now be able to play on either the attacking or defending team regardless of the halftime results. While players won’t know which team they’ll be on until they get into the actual match, the change still left some members of the community worried about how fair that would be and how it could result in further imbalance for the mode.

That’s not all the changes coming to Tricolor Turf War. A new metric is being added called “Tricolor Clout.” Players on the leading team at the Halftime Report will net more Tricolor Clout when defending, while players on the other teams will receive more points when attacking. One of the criticisms that players had with Tricolor Turf War was the fact that it seemed players on the defending team had a hard chance of winning the Splatfest. However, with clout being added into the mix, this could even out the playing field and make it possible for any team to win despite how they placed at the Halftime Report.

While some of these changes seem promising, we won’t find out how they will impact Tricolor Turf War until the Spicy vs. Sweet vs. Sour Splatfest in January.