Dr. Mario World Makes 1.4 Million In First Month | Receives 7.5 Downloads


Dr. Mario World was able to accumulate 1.4 million dollars in its first month and was 7.5 million times.

Dr. Mario World is the latest mobile title released to the masses by Nintendo. Based on the classic Dr. Mario games, Dr. Mario World is a puzzle game where players drag pills to matching colored viruses to clear the table.

Sensor Tower gathered the information regarding Dr. Mario World’s first month.

In comparison to Nintendo’s other mobile titles, Dr. Mario World has the lowest first-month gross revenue out of Nintendo’s five other mobile titles. The highest first-month gross is Fire Emblem Heroes, which made 67.6 million in its first month. The Animal Crossing mobile game, which is the second lowest grossing mobile game by Nintendo, earned 13.6 million dollars.

However, Dr. Mario World was able to get downloaded more times than Dragalia Lost, an RPG mobile game developed by Cygames and published by Nintendo. Dragalia only had 1.6 million downloads in its first month. The low download count for Dragalia could be the fact that the game wasn’t released in other countries until much later. Dragalia was still able to gross 26.4 million in its first month, much more than Dr. Mario World’s 1.4 million gross.

In terms of revenue per download, Dr. Mario World made an estimated $0.19 per download, with Japan being its biggest costumer. Japan made up 55 percent of the game’s revenue, whereas the United States only made up 33 percent of the revenue. The United States provided the most downloads, though; the game was approximately downloaded 2.6 million times in the US.

Sensor Tower provides a graph that compares Dr. Mario World stats with other Nintendo mobile titles.