Dr. Mario World On Mobile Has New Trailer | Coming July 10


Dr. Mario World will be coming to mobile devices this summer.

Nintendo continues to push more games on mobile devices, and have finally released a new trailer for their upcoming Dr. Mario game for mobile. Called Dr. Mario World, this new game functions mainly the same way as past Dr. Mario games.

In Dr. Mario, you need to destroy the red, blue, and yellow viruses with special pills. The game plays similar to Tetris; to kill a virus, you need to connect the virus with the same color pill. Each full pill counts as two different spaces on the grid. A pill can be either one or two colors.

In Dr. Mario World, you can drag the pill on the screen to where you want it to go. There are also new obstacles and items on the screen that can help you pass the level. There are Koopa shells that can get rid of a full row of viruses if the player puts a pill on them. There are also bombs on levels that you can activate to destroy the surrounding viruses.

There’s a meter in the game that, once filled up, allows your character to perform a special skill. There are also rainbow pills that can match any color virus. Dr. Mario World will release with five worlds to explore, but the trailer promises more will be revealed at a later date.

You have a certain amount of hearts in the game. Hearts allows you to perform stages. Once you run out of hearts, you aren’t allowed to do any stages. Hearts are refilled automatically over time. The game also has special items that help players pass levels.

Hearts and items can be purchased with diamonds, the special in-game currency. While players can accumulate diamonds by just playing the game, diamonds can be purchased with real-world money. Coins are another currency in the game, and you use them to buy new characters.

Dr. Mario World will have multiple playable characters to choose from. Other than Dr. Mario himself, you can also play as Dr. Luigi, Dr. Peach, Dr. Toad, Dr. Yoshi, and even Dr. Bowser. Most of these characters will need to be purchased with either coins or diamonds.

Dr. Mario World is expected to release on mobiles on July 10.