Dr. Mario World Outperforms Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on iOS

Nintendo’s newest mobile game, Dr. Mario World, continues to perform spectacularly following its release. The game is a Candy Crush-style game where players match colored pills to the viruses infecting the worlds. With a variety of doctors and assistants to unlock, a vs. mode, and mellow gameplay alongside familiar characters, it’s no surprise the game is surging through the charts.

As reported by My Nintendo News, there’s more to note about the game’s success. In less than 12 hours following its release in the US, Dr. Mario World reached the number one spot on the iOS store. Dr. Mario World and the virus-fighting heroes dethroned the previous number one spot-holder: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. And, Dr. Mario World took the spot faster.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an augmented reality game from Niantic partnered with WB Games San Francisco. Players assume the roles of wizards and witches working in secret to hide magical creatures and events from the non-magical world. With a Pokemon Go style system where players find magical phenomena in the world around them, using spells performed on the touch screen, and collecting the events las stamps in an album. The game was expected to perform well with Harry Potter fans. It fell a little flat, filled with bugs (much like Pokemon Go in the early days) and less engaging gameplay. It took a full day before it reached the top spot in Apple’s App Store.

There could be a variety of reasons for this, from Harry Potter: Wizards Unite‘s less than stellar gameplay or the way the beta was available to Android devices months prior. Whatever the reason, the secretive wizarding world falls short to a plumber-turned-doctor.