The drawing for tickets for the Pokémon Go Fest 2019 Yokohama is now open

Pokemon Go Fest Yokohama Tickets

Players can now draw tickets for the upcoming Pokémon Go Fest 2019 Yokohama.

The Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago recently ended, though now players of the game could get the chance to go to the Pokémon Go Fest in Yokohama, Japan. Go Fests are events where a bunch of Pokémon Go players gathers and can receive cool in-game rewards. They also have the opportunity to meet with other players and compete in global challenges.

Even though the mobile game is about to be three years old this July, the game has still proven to be very popular. Thousands of players attended the Go Fest, while millions worldwide took part in the global challenges (at least according to Niantic’s reports). This year’s Fest has generally been well received, especially compared to the notoriously terrible fire Chicago Fest in 2017.

It’s possible that this positive trend can continue with the next Go Fest in Yokohama.

Players can enter in a drawing for tickets for the Go Fest in Yokohama by going to the Events tab in the game starting now until June 27th. Pokémon Go players would then be contacted if they’ve been chosen and will receive tickets for the Go Fest Yokohama.

Pokémon Go Fest Yokohama will begin on August 6 and will end on August 12.