Dying 2 Know episode 3 will dive into more Dying Light 2 Stay Human details next week

This episode is a special edition for Gamescom 2021.

Image via Techland

Developer Techland has announced the release date for its next Dying 2 Know episode. The series dives deep into various aspects of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, and this next episode is slated to be a special edition that will make the most of the massive audience tuning in for Gamescom.

Episode 3 of Dying 2 Know will go live at 11 AM PT on August 26. Lead game designer Tymon Smektała will walk players through a showcase of two of the core pillars of the Dying Light franchise: combat and parkour. There will also be a separate brand new gameplay trailer for fans to dive into off the back of this episode.

During the showcase, Smektała will explain how players can use parkour to creatively traverse the wide world of Dying Light 2 and demonstrate how the realistic movement system blends different components of parkour to help hand to hand combat flow easily between bursts of running.

The combat showcase will be the most interesting thing on the show. Dying Light is packed with hand-crafted tools and blunt melee weapons that make for enjoyable and brutal battles around Harran. This is Techland’s chance to show fans how far it’s taken the combat system and weapons and how much it’s opened up the options for crafting unbelievable tools of death.

Techland will also reveal a new fan initiative alongside the launch of its Dying Light cosplay contest: Techland GG. This initiative aims to bring fans together in the lead-up to Dying Light 2 Stay Human launch, offering them additional rewards that they can access as soon as the game is out.