Dying Light 2’s visual settings will prioritize either ray tracing or 60 FPS

These features take advantage of the power of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.


Image via Square Enix

In a recent interview with MP1ST, developer Techland has revealed a couple of new features that will be available for players to take advantage of in Dying Light 2. These features are visual performance modes for consoles, which is important for a game launching across console generations.

Techland has outlined how players on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will have two options for the visuals in Dying Light 2. These options will favor game performance or game visuals, but you can’t prioritize both simultaneously.

The first option players have is for those who like to have the best visuals they can possibly get out of a game. This is called Quality Mode and uses ray tracing to emphasize environmental lighting. Players will also notice improved volumetric effects and a selection of other frame post-processing elements.

The second mode is called Performance Mode. As you’d expect, this mode doesn’t put the same emphasis on visual quality, instead targeting a solid 60 FPS for players. This mode also has the option to use VRR, which, for monitors and consoles equipped with that technology, works to provide a higher FPS based on how much power the console has to spare at any given moment. While it can also lead to lower frame rates, and the frame rate is unlocked in Performance Mode, it’ll likely provide better visuals more often than not on a device like the Xbox Series X.

Dying Light 2 launches on December 7, meaning we’ve got to wait a good few months before we get to try these modes out for ourselves.